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Jama Connect User Guide

Migration overview

The basic process for migrating your application and data involves creating a backup of your /data directory, then creating a snapshot of your Replicated Admin Console settings. Once that is done, you install Jama Connect on a new server and migrate the /data directory backup to the new server. When the new server is online and functioning, you then remove Jama Connect from the original system.

Depending on your current environment, you might also need to:

  • Upgrade to Jama Connect 8.x if you’re running a pre-8.x version.

  • Migrate to a supported Linux system if you’re running on a Windows server.

  • Migrate to a supported database (MySQL or SQL Server) if you’re running an Oracle database.

Migration process

  1. Make a backup of your current Jama Connect installation using one of these methods:

    • Jama Connect backup (.jama file or XML file)

    • Proprietary database backup for SQL Server or MySQL

  2. Make sure you are running:

    • Jama Connect 8.x or later on a supported Linux system

    • A supported database, SQL Server or MySQL

  3. Migrate existing data, using .jama file, XML file, or proprietary SQL database file.

  4. Remove previous installation of Jama Connect.