Jama Connect User Guide

Configure Replicated settings

During an installation, the application server must have access to the internet. Settings won't take effect until you restart the application, which causes downtime for all users.

  1. Access the Replicated admin console with the URL generated when Replicated was installed.

  2. Provide a self-signed or TLS certificate to bypass the browser TLS warning.

  3. Upload your license.

  4. Replicated runs a preflight check.

  5. Enter your database settings.

  6. (Optional) Enter your web server settings.

  7. Enter your host name and make sure it matches the TLS certificate.

  8. Reuse the admin console certificate from step 2.

  9. Configure your TLS certificate.

  10. (Optional) Configure memory, startup , and New Relic settings. You can also do this later because you might need to fine tune your memory setting as users start accessing the application. You can monitor usage to tell if this is necessary.

  11. If you changed any settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save. You see a confirmation that your settings were saved.


    change settings 02 - settings saved - restart now.png


    If you're updating settings, rather than installing Jama Connect, you must restart the application to apply changes. In that case, select Restart now, or Do not restart so you can restart later and avoid user downtime.

  12. Log in as root and verify that the installation was successful. 


    Here's what to do if these errors occur:

    • "This webpage is not available"

      Verify that the "Host Name" section of the settings was correctly entered to point to the application server.

    • "Not private" or "Not secure"

      This might happen if you chose a self-signed certificate or uploaded an invalid certificate. Verify that you correctly entered the Custom TLS configuration in the Host Name window.

      If this only happens for other users and not the system administrator, and the admin console is using a self-signed certificate, you might have already told your web browser to "Proceed ... (unsafe)" or "Add exception," while other users haven't. Verify that you selected the setting you want for Reuse admin console TLS configuration in the Host Name window.

    • "Problem: Cannot create database jama: Connections could not be acquired from the underlying database!"

      Most likely, something is wrong with your admin console database settings (for example, bind-address, DBO credentials), or the connection between the application server and the database server. Double-check your database settings in the admin console.

  13. Follow any post-installation instructions that are applicable to your organization.