Jama Connect User Guide

Configure authentication properties


You must have system administrator permissions to complete this task.

By default, users authenticate with the login data stored in the Jama Connect application database. However, a system administrator can enable LDAP or Crowd authentication so users can authenticate using an LDAP or Crowd server. 

You can only enable one form of authentication at a time. When you switch to another form of authentication, any users that already exist in Jama Connect will retain all user information, except passwords. You must use the same Jama Connect username in the other authentication tool in order for the user to sync properly.

To update or change the organization authentication type, log in as root user and select System properties > Authentication properties. From there, you can configure one of the three authentication options:

System Properties, authentication properties, SAML window allows you to configure SAML properties.


The user passwords for Jama Connect default authentication remain in the application database and can be used to log in if default authentication is re-enabled.