Jama Connect User Guide

Configure Jama Connect default authentication


You must be an system administrator to complete this task.

The default authentication uses a username and password stored in the Jama Connect application database. User passwords are encrypted before they are stored in the database.

To update your default authentication properties, log into Jama Connect as root and select System properties > Authentication properties > Jama.


Here you can:

  • Enable default Jama authentication: This feature is enabled by default. (But, in order to use LDAP or Crowd, this field must be unchecked.)

  • Enable "Forgotten password" functionality: When this box is checked, users who forgot their password can request a new password without notifying the system administrator. Any new passwords must meet the minimum password strength requirements.

  • Allow users to change their username: Selecting this option will allow the user to change their username when they manage their profile.

  • Set password requirements: This section sets the password strength required for all future passwords. New user passwords must meet the required password strength to be saved. Changes to these settings do not affect any passwords already in the system.

    • Set password minimum length: The minimum length requirement for any passwords. The default minimum password length is 6.

    • Set password strength requirement: Descriptions can be found next to the pick list under Password requirements. These descriptions are displayed to the user when they are changing their password.  The default is Weak.