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Jama Connect User Guide

How users and groups work in Crowd

How users and groups function is impacted when you synchronize users and groups in Crowd connector.

The following actions change:

  • All groups and users in Crowd that aren't in Jama Connect are added to Jama Connect. New users are assigned the most licenses available. When no licenses are available, users are created and Inactive.

  • All groups in Jama Connect that aren't in Crowd are removed.

  • All users that are in Jama Connect, but not in Crowd, are deactivated.

  • Going forward, all user and organizational group management activities are performed in Crowd.

  • Organization administrators no longer create or edit users and organizational groups in Jama Connect because they are automatically created from Crowd.

The following actions stay the same:

Action in Crowd

Result in Jama Connect

Group(s) added to “Jama” Application in Crowd

Group created.

The name of the group is reused if it already exists.

Users added to the "Jama" group in Crowd

Users added.

Attributes in Jama Connect are overwritten by values from Crowd if a user already exists.

Group attributes modified

Group attributes are modified.

User attributes modified

User attributes are modified.

User added to group

User is added to group.

User removed from group

User is removed from group.

Group deleted

Group is deleted.

User is deactivated

User is deactivated.

User activated

User is activated.

If the user doesn't exist, a new user is created. The new user is assigned the highest available license. If a license isn't available, the user is inactive.