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Jama Connect User Guide

Configure general properties

The general properties need to be configured for all Jama Connect installations. Properties include configuring email, the session timeout value, and any messages you want to display on the login page.

  1. Log in to Jama Connect as the root user.

  2. Select the System properties tab in the Jama System Administration panel, then select Edit in the top, right corner.

  3. Change any of the following settings.

    • Enable HTML Tag Security Cleaning — Prevents suspicious HTML tags from being added to new and modified rich text fields and test steps. Doesn’t clean up data retroactively. Enabled by default.

    • SMTP Settings — Settings that affect notifications and subscriptions.

      SMTP Enabled

      Select Yes to use SMTP.

      SMTP Host

      The domain address of your SMTP server.

      SMTP Port

      The port for SMTP access.

      SMTP User

      User account to access SMTP.

      SMTP Password

      Password for the user account.

      Authorization Required

      Select Yes if authorization is required for the SMTP server.

      Use TLS?

      Select Yes if your mail server uses TLS. Jama Connect supports only Explicit (Opportunistic) SSL/TLS connections for SMTP.

    • System "From" address — Enter an address for the system to use when it sends notifications or other system messages (for example,

    • Collaboration "From" address — IMAP must be supported to enable reply-to e-mails in the stream. The Collaboration "From" address must match the email address used for IMAP, so replies to stream emails are sent to the same account that processes incoming mail (for example, To enable IMAP, see Configure Inbound email (IMAP) settings.

    • Allow Project Administrators to add groups — Select Yes for project administrators to add groups. Otherwise, only system and organization administrators can add groups.

    • Allow Project Administrators to set project permissions — Select Yes for project administrators to grant project permissions. Otherwise, only system and organization administrators can grant permissions.

    • Allow access to REST API — Enables users to perform actions in Jama Connect from outside the user interface.

    • Attachment file extensions — List of file types (lowercase, separated by commas, periods, spaces, or newline characters) that can be uploaded as an attachment.


      Files are rejected if the content of the file doesn’t match the file extension, or if the MIME type is not understood by the system, even if the file type is listed here. To allow files of an unknown type, set the option to a blank string.

      File extensions must be lowercase even if the actual extension on the file is uppercase. Learn more.

    • Notice on login page — Displays a notice to users below the login page and in a yellow bar at the base of the application page.

      Jama Connect login page with a message at the bottom that says "You can add a custom message that appears here".


      This login page might not be visible if you are using SSO or SAML logins.

    • Maintenance mode — Logs out and locks out all users except the root user until this option is disabled.

    • Set header color — Helps to differentiate test or staging instances from the production instance of Jama Connect.

    • Set Batch Synchronous Index Limit — Select a limit that determines whether items in a batch update are indexed synchronously or asynchronously. Synchronous indexing can add time to the index process, so the default value is set to 1000. The added time depends on the number of items and the complexity of fields for those items.

      • Synchronous indexing — The number of items in a batch update is equal to or less then the limit.

      • Asynchronous indexing — The number of items in a batch update is greater than the limit.

  4. Select Save.