Jama Connect User Guide

Configure IMAP collaboration

Before configuring IMAP, verify that your email server supports IMAP. Your server must support IMAP to enable reply-to emails in the stream.

To configure IMAP collaboration:

  1. Log in to Jama Connect as root, then select System Properties > General Properties.

  2. Configure the IMAP settings.

    • Collaboration "From" Address — Reply-to address for stream emails. The email address entered here must match the email address being used for IMAP, so that replies to stream emails are sent to the same account that is setup to process the incoming mail.

    • IMAP Enabled — Select to use collaboration stream reply-to emails.

    • IMAP Server — Enter the domain address of your email server.

    • IMAP Port — Enter the port for IMAP access (typically differs from standard SMTP port). Though some servers might differ, standard ports for IMAP settings are:

      • Non-SSL: 143

      • SSL: 993

    • IMAP use SSL — Select if your email server uses SSL.

    • IMAP User Account — This user account must have access to the folder where emails are saved.

    • IMAP User Password — Password for the user account.

    • IMAP Folder — Folder where collaboration emails are sent and saved. This folder is parsed on regular intervals so it must be accessible by the user account.

    • IMAP Error Folder — This folder contains error emails. A separate error folder must be setup for IMAP to avoid parsing issues.

  3. Click Save.