Jama Connect User Guide

Configure TLS certification

During installation, you can provide custom private key and TLS certificates to secure the application or you can choose to reuse the admin console certificate. You can also update your certificate as needed.  

  1. Select Settings in the admin console header and select the link or scroll down to enter your private key and TLS certificate.

  2. If you want to connect the Jama application to a service protected by a certificate that was self-signed or issued by a local authority, you can ensure that Jama Connect trusts the issuer by uploading the signing certificate.

    Select Use trusted certificate file to upload a PEM-formatted public certificate or multiple PEM-formatted public certificates concatenated together into a single file. These certificates are added to the default Java trust store. You may need this functionality to connect to your MySQL, SQL Server, LDAP, Crowd, IMAP, SMTP or other internal servers from Jama Connect.

  3. Settings will not take place until you restart the application, which will cause downtime for any users. Select Save and you will see the confirmation that your settings have been saved.

    If you want to come back later to apply changes (when downtime won't be an issue for users) select Cancel and restart later.

    If you are ready to restart the application and apply the changes now, select Restart now).

    change settings 02 - settings saved - restart now.png