Jama Connect User Guide

Grant permissions
  1. Log in as root user.

  2. Select Admin > Permissions.

    Image shows permissions table with project selected, users in that project and their permissions. Add permissions button is in top right.
  3. In the project selector on the left, choose either the organization, or an individual project or container, depending on what level you want to set access permissions. 


    Permissions set at the organizational level are passed on to lower levels, but may be overridden for individual projects, sets, components or folders. For simplicity, we recommend setting permissions at higher levels when possible.

  4. The main panel displays current permissions. To add or change permissions, select Add permissions in the top right.

  5. In the Assign user permissions window that opens, select the group(s) or user(s) you want to change. You can also add a new group or user by selecting New user or New group in the top right corner of the window. Then select the role or access permissions you want to add at the bottom of the window and select Save.

    Add permissions window shows new user, new group buttons in the top right corner, with a selection list for groups, users and a display for permissions.


    Roles and access permissions can be granted at an organizational level. Project administrator permissions can be granted at a project level. Access permissions can be granted at a container level and above.