Jama Connect User Guide

Manage the dashboard

Use the dashboard to give your team insight into the progress of each project.


Any user with project or organization administrator permissions can modify the dashboard. Changes are made at a project level and not a user level.

To set up the dashboard:

  1. Find the dashboard by selecting the project name in the top left, and customize the board for your project by selecting Add in the top right toolbar.

    Image shows a view of projects with the project name circled in the top left, and the Change layout, Add, Print toolbar in the top right.
  2. In the Add to dashboard window select the icon for the option you want to add, then select Add. Learn more about dashboard options.

  3. Select Change layout in the toolbar to choose how the windows appear on the dashboard.

  4. Select Print to print the contents of your dashboard. For best results, use a landscape page setup and enable printing of background images in your browser settings.