Jama Connect User Guide


A report is a document that helps you analyze the current status and progress in your work. Reports can include graphs, tabular data, metrics and other roll-ups.

Reports might refer to a specific set of data or they can be global and refer to entire project, or across multiple projects. You can access reports by selecting Projects , then Reports in the upper right header. From there you can publish a report.


Jama Connect comes with some default reports that were created with BIRT or Velocity.

Also, hosted customers can contact jamareports@jamasoftware.com for help uploading custom reports.

Self-hosted customers can create custom reports and a system administrator can upload them so they are visible under Reports.

Select Reports in the Jama Connect header to publish reports that typically roll up data or otherwise reflect status in your projects. Jama Connect comes with the following reports:

  • The Baseline Compared to Current Report displays a side-by-side comparison of items and relationships in a baseline and their current versions.

  • The Baseline Comparison Report displays a side-by-side comparison of items and relationships in two baselines.

  • The Bidirectional Traceability Report displays upstream and downstream relationships for a selected container of items.

  • The Items in a Set Report displays a tabular list of items in a set. 

  • The Release Status Report displays the current state of the items within a release.

  • The Task List with Estimates Report displays all item types and sums their estimates if applicable.

  • The Test Plan Detail Report displays the details of a test plan.

  • The Test Plan Summary report displays a summary of the test plan with graphs and charts, by cycle and build. 

  • The Trace Relationships Report displays items with their downstream relationships.

  • The User List Report displays a list of all the active and inactive users associated with the organization.

  • The Review Center Stats Report displays the progress of a specific review.