Jama Connect User Guide

Baseline Comparison

The Baseline Comparison Report displays a side-by-side comparison of items and relationships in two baselines.

This report is like the Baseline Compared to Current report, but instead compares two specific states of selected items at a certain point in time. For example, you can compare the baseline that's created when you open a review with a baseline of the completed review to see what changed.

  1. Navigate to the project containing the items you want to include, using Change project in the Explorer Tree.

  2. Select Reports in the upper right corner of the header to open the Run Reports window.

  3. Select one of these report options:

    • Baseline Comparison

    • Baseline Comparison (PDF)

  4. Select the format of the report. 

  5. Select the two baselines you want to compare.

  6. Select the options you want to include:

    • Include Relationships

    • Include Version Comments

  7. Select Email me the report if you want to receive it by email.

  8. Select Run Report.


Items added or deleted between the compared baselines are noted at the top of the report.



When comparing baselines, the hierarchical order must be the same between the two baselines. If items are reordered in the Explorer Tree from one baseline to the next, the report shows incorrect or no results.