Jama Connect User Guide

Add, edit, and delete risks


You must have contributor or moderator permissions to complete this task. Viewers can't add, edit, or delete risks.

To add a risk to an analysis:

  1. Add a row for the new risk.

    Select Add row at the bottom of the analysis or in the top right toolbar, to add a new row to the analysis.


    You can also use the Tab key to add rows to the bottom of the analysis. Tabbing through the last row land your cursor on the Add row button, and you can use Enter to add a new row.

    To specify where to add a new row, select the row above it. Then use the Add row drop-down menu in the top right toolbar and select Insert after selected.

    Image shows a row selected with the checkbox on the left, and a drop down menu in the top right with "Insert after selected" highlighted.

    The new row appears with an automatically generated risk ID.

  2. The analysis locks when you're editing to prevent others from overwriting your work. Your data is autosaved as soon as you move from one cell to the next. Select Unlock when you're done editing so others can edit.

  3. To delete a risk from an analysis, select the box at the beginning of the row you want to delete, then use the drop-down arrow next to Add row to select Delete.

    To delete the last row, select Delete last row at the bottom of the page.