Jama Connect User Guide

Link items to an analysis


You must be a moderator or contributor to link items to an analysis.


For you to add a link to a particular field in an analysis, a risk administrator must configure the template to allow this.

You can link from any text column of an analysis to Jama Connect.

  1. Select the field where you want to add a link to open the Add link option.

    Image shows drop-down button to "Add link"
  2. Select Add link to open a drop-down menu. Begin typing any part of the unique ID of the item, container, or attachment you want to link.

    Image shows "Enter unique ID or paste URL"
  3. Select the link from the drop-down menu.



    If you can't find the item you want to link in the drop-down menu, you can copy the link to that item from your browser and paste it in the drop-down field. You can add up to five item links per field.

  4. Once a link to an item is added, anyone with permission to that item can view the linked analyses and risks.