Jama Connect User Guide

Lock and unlock an analysis

Select Risk in the header to see a list of all analyses that you can access. If an analysis has a lock icon next to it, it's locked and you can view it, but not edit it.


An analysis is locked whenever a moderator or contributor does any of the following:

  • Enters text into any field 

  • Selects a value from a scale

  • Adds or removes a link

  • Adds or removes a row

To unlock an analysis, select Unlock when you have finished editing. This allows other participants to edit the analysis. 


While you're editing an analysis, other participants see a LOCKED notification next to the analysis name, along with information about who is editing the analysis and when it was last edited. They can select Refresh to update that information.

Image shows "locked" notification next to analysis name.


The only person who can unlock an analysis before it times out, is the person who locked it.

Otherwise, the lock times out 60 minutes after the last edit and the analysis becomes available for others to edit. This happens even if the user is still working in other areas of Jama Connect.

If another user edits the analysis after the lock times out, any unsaved data the first user entered is lost. Data is automatically saved when a user moves from one cell to another.

If the same user returns to edit the analysis before other users, any changes are saved when they make another edit.