Jama Connect User Guide

Add participants


You must be a moderator or risk administrator to add or update risk analysis participants.

To add participants to an analysis:

  1. Open the analysis.

  2. Select Participants.

  3. In the panel that opens, enter the name of the person you want to invite and select their name from the drop-down menu. 



    You can only select Jama Connect users with a creator, stakeholder, or test runner license. To invite participants who don't appear here, contact your organization administrator to add users or update license types


    You can't add users who are currently participants. If you want to change a user from one role to another, you must first remove them from their current role, then invite them to the new role.

  4. Once you select a name, use the drop-down menu to select a role for the new participant:



    Risk analyses can have multiple moderators, contributors, and viewers.

  5. Add a message to the participant, if you like, and select Invite. An email is sent to this user to invite them to the analysis. When they select Risk in the header, the analysis is available for them to use.

    After you invite new participants, you see them listed in the Participants panel. You can remove participants from this panel, too.

  6. To delete a participant, select Remove.

  7. Select the X at the top of the panel or Close participants to close this panel.


In the event that an analysis has a single moderator who isn't available to manage an analysis, a risk administrator can assign a new moderator.