Jama Connect User Guide

Create a template


You must be a risk administrator to create a risk management template.

Risk management comes with two default templates:

  • FMEA starter template

  • ISO 14971 starter template

You can use these templates (located at the bottom of the list of templates), or modify them to create additional templates.

When you create a new template, you can adjust language and settings for a risk analysis and save the result for others to use.

To create a new risk management template do the following:

  1. Select Risk in the header.

  2. Select Definitions next to FMEA starter or ISO 14971 starter.

    Image shows Risk, with Analyses on the left and Templates on the right. Settings is circled.
  3. Select Save As.

  4. Enter a name for the new template and select Save.

    Image shows window with field to enter the name and save or cancel buttons.
  5. To build your new template, edit the settings, then save the result as a new template.