Jama Connect User Guide

Edit template settings


You must be a risk administrator to edit template settings.

If you remove all fields from a section in a risk template, the section header and risk analyses don't appear in the template. Also, the section itself is no longer visible to users when they view definitions in the risk analysis.


The Adjust Rankings section is an exception to this rule. If you enable a ranking field before mitigation, the section is still displayed.

To edit template settings:

  1. Select Risk in the header.

  2. In the list of templates, select Settings next to the template you want to edit. 

    Image shows the word Settings circled next to the template name.
  3. Here you can:

    • Enter a template description

      Add a description to help moderators choose the right template.

    • Edit display text

      Add or remove a text column, change column headers and descriptions for text columns, allow users to add multiple harms, allow users to add links.

    • Edit scales

      Add or remove a scale, change column headers, descriptions and drop-downs for scale columns.

    • Edit matrices

      Add or remove a matrix, change column headers, descriptions and field values for matrix columns.

    • Hide data or make it read-only

      Show or hide certain columns of the analysis, or make them read only.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page and select Save.


The starter templates' settings can't be modified: you can only use them to create a new template. You can select Definitions to see how a starter template is set up.