Jama Connect User Guide

Edit display text


You must have risk administrator permissions to edit display text settings.

You can edit the following aspects of a template to better meet the needs of your risk management team.

To do this:

  1. Select Settings next to the template you want to edit, allowing you to change the following:

    • Template description 

      Enter text that describes how to use this template. Select Save.

      Shows description field in Settings

      This text appears below the template name in the list of templates.

      Shows list of templates with descriptions like "This template applies to all products in the Green line"
    • Section names 

      You can change five section names in Settings. This text appears at the top of the analysis. By default, the names are Define risks, Set rankings, Mitigate risks, Adjust rankings, and Evaluate risks

      Shows column headers with Mitigate Risks, Adjust Rankings and Evaluate Risks.

      To edit this text, replace the corresponding default text under Display name and select Save.

      Shows field to change display name
    • Column header and description 

      For any column, you can edit the header or description, or allow users to add links in that column. Descriptions of column headers appear as hover tips in analyses made from this template.

      Shows column header as Severity with the hover text showing description of that column

      Edit names and descriptions on the Settings page below each column header name. Select Allow links if you want to allow users to add links to that column in the analysis.

      Image shows Name, Description and the Allow links checkbox.

      You can enable two special fields so that participants can add multiple harms per risk. By default, these are labeled Harm and Cause in the starter templates, although you can rename them.

      Shows a check box in settings under the name and description to "Allow more than one Harm per risk. Each adds a row for:"
    • Remove columns

      Remove text, scale or matrix columns from the template by selecting Remove next to the column name. You can also restore these columns by selecting Add.

      Shows add or remove buttons next to editable fields.


      The risk ID column can't be removed or edited.

  2. Select Save.