Jama Connect User Guide

View risks across the application


Your organization must have active risk licensing and you must be an invited participant in order to view a risk analysis.

You can tell when an item is linked to a particular risk in a risk analysis when viewing the item in Single Item View, or when viewing multiple items. For example, in Reading, List, or Trace View.

  1. Select Configure fields and select Risk as a field you want to display.

  2. You see a risk icon with a count of risks associated with that item in each of the following views:

    • Reading View

      Image shows risk icon appears for each item in reading view.
    • List View

      Image shows risk column in List View
    • Trace View

      Image shows risk column in Trace View.
  3. Select the risk icon to open a side panel with detailed information about the risks that are linked to that item. Select the risk ID or the analysis name in the side panel to go directly to the risk or analysis.



You can configure fields to show risk in the following areas of the application: Reading View, List View, Trace View, Test cycles, Dashboard, Releases, Coverage Explorer.

Risks aren't visible in Reviews, baselines, sync items compare view, or compare item versions.