Jama Connect User Guide

View risks in Single Item View

Contributors can add links to items in text fields in an analysis as a way of linking requirements, mitigations, or verifications to a particular risk.

You can see which risks or analyses link to a particular item when viewing that item in Single Item View.


An organization administrator must enable the risk widget for the item type before risk is visible in single item view.

Your organization must have active risk licensing and you must be an invited participant in order to view a risk analysis.

When the widget is enabled, you see a flame icon next to the number of risks that correspond to that item.

Image shows Single Item View with RISK highlighted.

Select the small arrow next to the number to view details about the analyses and risks that refer to this item.

Image shows the Risk field in Single Item View , with the flame icon, the number 3 and two analyses below it. Below each analysis are one or two risk IDs.

The names of analyses are listed in bold, followed by the number of risks in that analysis that refer to this item. The risks IDs are listed below each analysis name.

As long as you are invited to the analysis, you can select the analysis or the risk ID to view the item in context. When you select the risk ID you see the risk that links to the item outlined in blue.

Image shows an analysis with a single risk row outlined in blue.


You can also see risks in other areas of the application, even when the risk widget hasn't been enabled for that item type.