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Jama Connect User Guide

Controlling the Categories feature (organization admins)

The Categories feature allows users to organize and view items in a cross-project hierarchy. It allows users to see how items and components can build a final product.

The Categories feature is disabled by default. As the organization admin, you must enable it for the option to appear in Jama Connect and be available to users.

When this feature is enabled, organization admins can interact with:
  1. Categories admin tree

    • Create a hierarchy that is specific to your company's workflow.

    • Add, move, copy, and merge categories.

  2. Selected category path option

    • View category details like description and when it was created.

    • Remove category.

  3. Variations of selected category option

    • Edit and delete a category.

    • View category paths, associated variation path, and category IDs.

      Example Category ID: CAT-123

      Category ID encompasses all variations of a category

      Example variation path ID: PATH-123

      Variation path ID is specific to each path

  4. Clean up categories option

    • Perform a manual update to applied categories on current and historical items.

When enabled, users with read/write permissions can interact with:
  1. Categories tab in the Explorer Tree

  2. Categories table in Single Item View

  3. Manage categories button in Single Item View, Reading View, and List View