Jama Connect User Guide

Add electronic signature to a review

If a review requires an electronic signature, when you finish a review as an approver, you are asked to add a signature.

  1. In the Review finished window, enter your username and password as your electronic signature for the review.

    Image shows window with space to add username and password for signature.


    If your organization is using SAML, you are asked to select Approve and sign, then enter your username and password in the SAML authentication window.

  2. Select Approve and sign to complete the review.

  3. To see a review that was signed, look in the participant progress or review activity tab.


As an approver, you can reopen a review that you signed, but this removes your signature. If you re-open a review that's signed, you are asked to confirm that you want to re-open the review and revoke the signature. Revoked signatures appear in review activity.


Signatures are enabled by default, but can be disabled by a system administrator.