Jama Connect User Guide

Add signer role

If you're inviting a user from outside of Jama Connect, they must log in and register to assign them to a group. After you add them to a group, you can edit the review to give them a signer role.


You must be a review moderator with project or organization administrator permissions to perform this task.

A signer role indicates the capacity in which an approver provided their electronic signature in a review. Signer roles are created from user group names.

To add a signer role:

  1. Create a user group with a name that indicates the role you want to represent (for example, QA, Business Analysts, Security). Be sure the person to whom you want to assign the role is in that group.

  2. Initiate a review.

  3. Enable electronic signatures and signer roles in settings.

  4. When inviting participants, select the user, then use the drop-down menu to assign a signer role.

    If the user belongs to multiple groups, you can choose their role as signer from multiple options. If they don't belong to any groups, their role is "Not assigned."


    If you select a group in the participants panel, then select Add all users. The signer role for all users defaults to the name of that group.

  5. Initiate the review. Approvers assigned a signer role are notified of their role in their email invitation.


After a review is signed, anyone with permission to a review can view signer roles that were used for a signature under review activity.