Jama Connect User Guide

Email subscriptions

You can sign up to receive email notifications every time an item is added, edited, or commented on in a project.

You can also:

If you subscribe to a...

You will receive a notification when...

But ...


...a change is made to an item, set, component, folder, or when a new item is added to the project.

...if you're both assigned to an item and subscribed to an item in a workflow, subscription notifications override workflow transition notifications so you don't receive duplicates.


...a change is made to the folder or to any item in that folder.

...NOT when a new item is added to the folder. However, you can subscribe to a set and when a new item is added to a folder within the set, you are notified.


...a change is made to the set, to an item in the set, or when a new item is added to the set.


...a change is made to the item, a comments is added or deleted, or when the item is synchronized or deleted.

...NOT when a relationship, attachment, tag, or link is added, updated, or removed.


Organization administrators can allow users to subscribe others and to mute subscriptions at an organizational level.

Project or organization administrators can unsubscribe groups or individuals from any of their subscriptions.