Jama Connect User Guide


An approver reviews content against a standard and approves or rejects an item for correctness or completeness.

If you're designated as an approver, you can participate as a reviewer and you also have options under the Actions menu unique to your role. 


When configured, approvers see options to Add reviewers and Delegate my approval in the drop-down menu under Actions for that review. An approver can select Add reviewers to add new reviewers and designate any of them as approvers for the current review. Alternatively, approvers can delegate approval to another user. 


After delegating approval, you are no longer an approver, but will remain as a reviewer for the current review. If you delegate approval, all new approvers receive an email notification.

During a review, you can view items and comment, and approve or reject an entire review or individual items. Select the checkmark to approve an item, or the x to reject an individual item, or use the pull-down menu to mark an entire page of items "approved" or "rejected."  If you don't see the check or the x, be sure your role is set to Approver in the lower left corner.



Reviewers also have a checkmark to indicate they reviewed an item. 

To approve or reject all items on a page, select Actions > Mark entire page approved or Mark entire page rejected. Some reviews contain more than one page of items; you need to do this for each page.

When you're done, you can finish the review as an approver and electronically sign the review.