Jama Connect User Guide

Compare versions

Whenever a published review has more than one version, you can compare two versions.

  1. Select the View drop-down menu in the toolbar at the top of the review. Use the versions drop-down menu near the review title to select which version you want to compare to the current review. Changes are displayed inline. Deleted text is red and highlighted. Added text is green and underlined. 

  2. Compare View displays inline changes for most field types. If the field can't be compared, you see the message: Not available for reviews.


    If you want to make other fields visible in the review, an organization administrator can configure item type views for Reading View or Single Item View to show those fields.

  3. Use Compare View along with comments to understand why items changed.



Hover over the calendar icon in the corner of a comment to find out during which version it was added. 



Typically, item fields contain fewer than 10,000 characters (2,000 words). When you compare review versions, the applications might skip fields with lengthy content.