Jama Connect User Guide

Modify a review

Only a moderator or a review administrator can modify a review. Check the lower left corner to be sure of your status.

In a review, use the Actions drop-down to modify a review.


You can also modify reviews from the Actions column in Reviews List View.


Select the following options to modify a review:

Reviews close automatically on the end date and time, or moderators and review administrators can also close reviews manually. The blue status bar at the top of the review notifies participants if a review is closed.


Either using the buttons on the blue status bar, the Actions menu, or Reviews > List View you can do the following to a closed review:

  • Recover 

    Recovers a review that has been archived or deleted. No item updates are published.

  • Archive 

    Archives a review removing it from the primary list of reviews.

  • Publish a new revision

    Publishes a new revision with any changes made to the original items, and lets you change options for the review itself.