Jama Connect User Guide

Filter review comments

You can view and filter comments for all the items in a review to find the comments you want to see. 

  1. In a review, select View > Feedback to see all the comments for the review, with a filter panel on the left. You can read and reply to comments here.

  2. You can also use the filters in the filter panel to search for comments by category or keyword. These are the available categories:

    • All 

      Every comment from the review

    • Open

      Comments the moderator hasn't acknowledged or responded to

    • Mine

      Your comments

    • Review

      Comments sent to participants about the review by email

    • Important

      Comments flagged as important by a moderator

    • Questions

      Comments that are questions to be answered

    • Proposed changes

      Comments that suggest changes

    • Issues

      Comments that raise issues

    Some of the menu options expand further when you select them. 



    When a moderator hovers over a comment in a review, they have the added option to flag a comment as important.