Jama Connect User Guide

Follow a review

If you're a review participant, you can stay up-to-date on review comments with email notifications in reviews where you're a participant.

  1. To receive notifications, you must first configure your review subscriptions in your profile for all email updates. You can also make it so that when you comment on an item, you're automatically following that item.

  2. Open the review with the items you want to follow. Select Actions > Follow items on this page. This can be useful to moderators who want to be alerted when participants comment on the items in a review. 


    Some reviews contain multiple pages of items. To follow all the items in a large review, you must follow items on multiple pages.

  3. To stop receiving emails select Stop following items on this page.

  4. You can also follow or unfollow items by selecting the name of any item in a review to open the Single Item View and use the Follow item/Unfollow item toggle in the menu on the right.