Jama Connect User Guide

Navigate the reviews dashboard

Access reviews from the top navigation by selecting Reviews in the header.


Select My reviews to see all reviews, open or closed, for which you are a reviewer, approver, or  moderator. Select All reviews to see reviews that haven't been archived. Select Grid or List View to change the display.

Public reviews are marked public with an orange tab in Grid View, or with a check in the Public column in List View.



If you aren't invited to any reviews as a reviewer or approver, you only see All public reviews. These are open to anyone to view (depending on how your organization administrator and moderator has set public review permissions). 


A review administrator can see all reviews.

Select Filter by to filter reviews by review status or by your role in the review. Select Include archived reviews if you want to include them. All subsequent filters are then included in archived reviews.

To remove archived reviews from your results, select Hide archived reviews. Close the menu by selecting Filter by again, to apply the filter.