Jama Connect User Guide

Review administrator

A review administrator is a role with the permissions needed to manage reviews.

Review administrators can view the list of all reviews and perform administration tasks for those reviews, regardless of whether they were invited to the review. Review administrators can modify a review in the same way as a moderator. In addition, review administrators can recover a deleted review.


To recover a deleted review, select All reviews, sort in List View to find the deleted review, and select the green Restore arrow in the Actions column.

When an archived (or deleted) review is recovered, none of the participant roles or contributions are altered. For example, if an approver has already signed and approved a review before it was archived (or deleted), it remains the same after the review is recovered.

Any items that were edited while a review was archived or deleted don't appear in the recovered review until the moderator publishes a new revision.

Permissions for review administrator must be assigned by an organization administrator. 

Access to content is determined by project-level user permissions rather than review administrator status. You can make changes to an item if you have create/edit permissions. You can't make changes if you have read-only permissions.

As a review administrator, you can access a review's content when:

As a review administrator, you can make any review public by editing the review or using the checkbox in the Public column of List View. An organization administrator can set public review settings in Review Center Settings.


Only an organization administrator can configure a Reviews workflow.