Jama Connect User Guide


Activities are all the different types of changes you can make to an item, including adding, relating, editing, deleting and restoring.

You can view activities at an item level or a project level. You can also view activities specific to reviews and baselines. The following activities types of activities are logged.

  • Changes to items

    Adding, editing, deleting, commenting, or using many of the features such as releases, baselines, email notifications, and changes to reviews, will all appear in the stream at the item and project level.

  • Changes to baselines

    When you add (manually or automatically with a review), edit or delete baselines or sources, these activities appear in the baseline and project level activity streams. These activities are visible to any user with read-only permission. You can see all activity for an individual baseline in the baseline activity stream.

  • Reused or synchronized items

    When items are reused and synchronized, the details of the re-use are displayed in the activity stream. Any user with read permission can view details about the reused items and also select a link to View newly copied items . The link opens a filtered view in a new tab displaying the items that were copied and synchronized.

  • Comments

    Comments related to an item or project also appear in the stream. You can delete your own comments, or restore your previously deleted comments or threads. Review comments aren't included in the activity stream.

  • Reviews

    At the project level, you can see activities when a review is opened, revised, closed, reopened or when signatures are added or revoked. At the item level you can see when items are sent for review. You can review all activity for a single review across revisions in the review activity tab.


Select Restore under the deletion activity in the stream to restore a deleted item or baseline. Any user with read/write permissions can delete and restore items or baselines that they created. A project or organization administrator can restore any deleted item or baseline.