Jama Connect User Guide

Add a comment

All comments made in Jama Connect are displayed in the stream. You see any comment you have permissions to view.

To add a comment to the stream, do the following:

  1. Open the stream at an item levelproject level, or across projects.

  2. Enter your comment in the pop-up window. If you're replying to another comment, make sure you use the reply box below that comment. Otherwise, you start a new discussion.

  3. (Optional) You can refer to a particular person, group, project or item, request or resolve an action, upload an image, or add a hashtag.

  4. Select Comment.

When the discussion gets long, Jama Connect shows only the most recent comments. Select View all replies to expand the thread and show all comments. Select Hide replies to collapse the thread.

Delete a comment

You can delete comments that you made. Select the X to the right of the comment to delete it. You are prompted to confirm the deletion before it's made. 

You can restore deleted comment threads or replies, but only if they were associated with an item. You can't restore deleted comments that aren't associated with an item.

To restore a deleted comment:

  1. In Single Item View, select Activities to open the bottom panel.

  2. In the deleted comment, select Restore.