Jama Connect User Guide

Invite someone from outside Jama Connect

You can refer to someone outside of Jama Connect. They get a temporary license that allows them to view the comment threads to which they were invited. They can also see descriptions of referenced items in the thread. 


An administrator can grant invited users permission to view additional project data.

Here's how to give stream access to people outside of Jama Connect:

  1. After the @ symbol, type their email address to trigger an invitation. Select the blue Invite bar that appears.

  2. This opens an invite window where you can enter the full email address and select Invite.

  3. Finish making your comment and select Comment. The person you invited automatically receives stream emails.


The person you invite can set up a new user login and password but this isn't required. In addition, this new user's email address is now be available in the @mention drop-down. After 30 days, the license must be changed to a permanent one or the user is locked out of Jama Connect. They can still be @mentioned in stream if the license has expired, but they are no longer able to access the conversation or items.