Jama Connect User Guide

Request or resolve an action

Actions help clarify and surface important conversations in the stream by identifying a comment as one of three types: decision, question, or issue.

Actions can help clarify your request to someone you include in your comment. You can also filter by actions to see what questions, issues, or decisions need attention.

You can initiate or resolve an action using one of these methods:

  1. Choose an action from the Actions drop-down menu. Decision needed, Question, and Issue are request actions. Decision, Answer, and Resolution are resolution actions, used to respond to request actions.

  2. Type a ! in the comment box and choose from the menu that appears.

When a comment contains a request action, the edge and corner of the comment are outlined in yellow, and a bright blue box invites other users to resolve the action (answer question, make decision, resolve issue).  


If you select the bright blue button first, then submit a comment, Jama Connect automatically marks that action as resolved (decided, answered or resolved) and shows the resolution in a shaded box in the thread (green, blue, or red). More than one button appears if more than one action was requested.

When the comment contains a resolved action, the comment edge and corner are outlined in blue.