Jama Connect User Guide

Stream emails

Jama Connect includes several types of email notifications. These instructions only affect email notifications initiated in the stream.

If you add someone in a comment in the stream, they receive an initial email with the comment text, as well as updates for any replies to that comment thread. If they are in multiple groups mentioned in the comment, they only receive one email for comments or replies. However, they don't receive email notifications for new comments made on the item unless they are subscribed to the item. 


You can add people to comments by using an @reference. This includes people who aren't current Jama Connect users.

If you receive an email because you're mentioned in the stream, you can comment directly to the thread by replying to that email.  This also sends a copy of your comment by email to others on the thread. Email updates like these contain links to see the entire comment thread inside Jama Connect.


Replying to a thread by email works for comment threads in the stream, but not for comments in reviews.

Mute stream notifications

To stop receiving email notifications when you are mentioned in a comment thread, go to that comment thread in the stream, and select Mute notifications. Select Unmute notifications to turn messaging back on. Muting is by thread. You must mute notifications for each thread that mentions you. 



Once you mute notifications for a thread, you only receive future emails if you're specifically mentioned in a comment, or if you're a member of a group that's also referenced.