Jama Connect User Guide

Reviews workflow

A reviews workflow is a tool for moderators to update the status of reviewed items. When configured, the reviews workflow automatically updates field values for review items of the same type and review status. 

The reviews workflow depends on the review status field.

Once a review is closed, moderators can trigger a review workflow for items in the review. For example, at the end of a review, a moderator can trigger the status of reviewed items to change from "In review" to "Approved."

Only moderators can trigger a review workflow, but an organization administrator must first configure the reviews workflow.


If you're already using a projects workflow don't use a review workflow as they're not compatible.

Trigger reviews workflow
  1. Continue with the review process, and when you're satisfied with the completion of the review select Actions > Mark review as finalized.

  2. You see a pop-up to confirm your selection, if this action triggers Review Status Workflow.