Jama Connect User Guide

Add folders

A folder is a container item you can use to organize items and manage hierarchy in the Explorer Tree.

To add a folder:

  1. Right-click on the set name in the Explorer Tree wherever you want to add a folder. Select Add > New item > Folder.


    You can also select Add > Folder at the top of the left panel in the project where you want to add the folder. 

  2. In the Add item window, select a name and description for the folder.

    (Optional) Select Notify to select users or groups you want to notify about the creation of this folder.

  3. Select Save, Save and close, or Add another if you want to add more folders.

  4. If you selected Add, use the Select location window to select the location for the new folder. Invalid locations are disabled.

  5. Click Select and close.


If you want a parent item to contain certain widgets or custom fields that a folder can't, you can use an item, rather than a folder, to contain other items of the same item type. A group of items can be flagged using a field or all attachments can be inserted into the parent item for easier tracking.