Jama Connect User Guide

DOORS export prerequisites

Before exporting, verify these prerequisites for a successful export. It's helpful to think through all aspects of the import before carrying it out.

The Object Identifier column is typically mapped to the Name field in Jama Connect.

If you're importing hierarchy, the DOORS standard Object Heading and Text (or Main) column must be mapped to the Jama Connect Description field. This is the only column that exports hierarchy information to HTML for Jama Connect imports.

If you're importing links (trace relationships) across multiple modules in DOORS:

  • The modules must be open when you export. DOORS exports include the modules that are shown in your view. For this reason, you must not have filters selected or it limits the number of items exported.

  • Each module must have a unique prefix so that the Object Identifier is unique. DOORS doesn't enforce this, but if you add a unique prefix to each module, the Object Identifiers are unique.

  • The Object Identifier column must be visible in the DOORS module view (not Object Number or Absolute Number). The Object Identifier is a combination of the Module Prefix and the Absolute Number (as in SYS32).  If the Object Identifier has only integer values, the Module Prefix is most likely empty.