Jama Connect User Guide

Jama Connect prerequisites (DOORS)

When importing to Jama Connect, DOORS Modules create sets or folders in an existing set. DOORS Attributes map to fields in Jama Connect.

Relationships aren't created until both items you want to relate are imported.

To import relationships (or trace links), you must first create a new custom field in Jama Connect for each item type you're importing. This field is used to contain a unique identifier that facilitates the migration of relationships from DOORS to Jama Connect.

  1. In Jama Connect, select Admin > Organization > Item types.

  2. Find the item type you're using for the DOORS import, select Fields.



    It might be helpful to create a new item type only to be used for the migration, then convert the items to the correct item type after the import is complete.

    This way every item imported has a record of legacy DOORS information in its version history. You can view this information by comparing versions.

  3. In the panel that opens, select Add Field.

  4. In the window that opens, select Custom Fields and Text Field from the drop-down menu.

    1. Next to Field Label, enter a name for the field (such as "DOORS ID").

    2. Next to Unique Field Name, enter "SYS_DOORS_ID." This is case sensitive and must exactly match the following image.

    3. Select Read Only and Save.

  5. Now this item type can accept relationships (trace links) imported from DOORS.



    This field must be created for all the item types you're relating.

  6. When you import, DOORS Modules are added as sets, or folders within sets. If you're using the tip, you might want to add a set of the new item type you created before you import. You must also configure the project for this item type. That way you can right-click on the new set and import directly to that location.