Jama Connect User Guide

Excel to Jama Connect one-way import

Prepare your spreadsheet before importing files from Excel.

  1. Select files for import

  2. Complete the field mappings step for Excel documents.

    • Select the Excel worksheet and header row. For basic one-way import, this is likely row 1, the row that contains field names. For round-trips this is likely row 2.

    • Indicate whether this is a round trip import and how to resolve conflicts.

    • Map fields for your import.

  3. To open the Additional options window, select Next. If you're using indentation or cell color to designate hierarchy, indicate that here.

  4. If the fields were mapped successfully, you see a preview of your import. If it's correct, select Submit. You can also select Back to make changes.

  5. The last window confirms how many total items you imported. From this page, you can import another file, if needed. You can also save the current mappings to use for future uploads.