Jama Connect User Guide

Jama Connect to Excel round trip 

With a round trip, you can batch edit multiple items in Jama Connect. Export the Jama Connect items you want to edit to Excel, then make your changes in the spreadsheet. Finally, import the edited document back into Jama Connect, where you will see the updated changes to the items.

Round trip requires you to re-import Excel documents created by Jama Connect using an Excel template. When the system identifies items that originated in Jama Connect, it will update your items according to the conflict rule set at the time of the import.

  1. In List View, select the folder, filter or set to be exported into Excel. You can also select multiple items individually. For round-trip imports, it's important to export items that are all the same item type, because the round-trip import will not work with mixed item types. Only the columns shown in List View will be exported, so be sure to display all columns that need to be included.

  2. Select Export > Office Templates in the top right corner.

  3. This will open a pop-up window. Select Excel Export for Roundtrip from the menu on the left, then select Run.


    Rich text fields can often create difficulties in Excel and should not be used for round trip.

  4. Open the newly downloaded Excel report and save it to a place where it can be edited.



    Note that columns A-E will be hidden. These columns contain the fields that Jama Connect requires to update existing items.

  5. Make updates to the exported Excel document. In this example, we are changing the names of three test cases. If you clear a field's value in the spreadsheet this will also clear the field's value once the data is imported back into Jama Connect.



    If a field is based on a pick list in Jama Connect, the pick list will be exported as well. This helps ensure that valid data will be entered before re-importing into Jama Connect.

  6. You can also add new items to the Excel document that will be added as new items in Jama Connect when you import it again. If you add an item to your round-trip document, it will appear at the bottom of the set or folder you decide to import to. Keep in mind, you can only add one item type for the chosen set or folder. Item IDs and Global IDs are assigned to any new items when you import, so be sure to leave those columns blank. Assigned and Priority field values may be left blank.

  7. Save the document and import the document into Jama Connect, keeping in mind the following tips:

    • Make sure all updated fields are mapped correctly, otherwise the import will fail.

    • Under Excel Options, set Header Rows to 2 since the Jama Excel Export Report defaults to mapping a Header Row in row 2.

    • Be sure to select the appropriate conflict setting on import. Conflicts may occur when a field in Jama Connect has changed values since the round-trip export was generated. Choose the conflict rule conflict rule that you prefer to keep your data correct. Select Update items to update Jama Connect items modified since the last round-trip export.

    • Columns will not be resizable by default because the document is protected to preserve the hidden columns Jama Connect needs to match up items on import. If you need to resize columns, select Review and unprotect the document.

    • Import the document to the location where you want any new items added to Jama Connect to be placed.

    • Copying or filling complete rows will copy the hidden text Jama uses to match up columns on import. Only copy cells, not complete rows, to be sure you are not copying information you don't want. If extra information like this is not removed, the import may may update existing items with the new rows. For new items created from copied rows, you must unprotect the document, expand columns A-E and delete the text contained in the cells.

    • Rich text fields in Jama Connect will include HTML in Excel so the formatting will be preserved when the items are re-imported. This depends on the field's configuration, which can be set either as a text box or as rich text. Fields set as text box will show as plain text.

    • You cannot update IDs or add new IDs manually. These are ignored on import.

    • You cannot update a pre-existing Jama Connect item hierarchy by applying cell indenting, cell coloring or changing values in the default hidden columns. Also, items added to the spreadsheet that are not in Jama Connect cannot use the hierarchy options.