Jama Connect User Guide

Prepare Excel document for import

Before importing your Excel document, keep these points in mind to avoid common errors.

  • Include a header row in your Excel document (required).

  • Only use valid options from pick list fields (required).

  • When using round-trip for multiple projects, always be sure you're clear which project you're making changes to, because imported data overwrites previous data.

  • For complex imports like round-trip data, consider creating a baseline first, in case you need to restore old data.

  • To use the Update items option, the spreadsheet must be created by Jama Connect using a properly configured Excel template. Excel documents missing the required Jama Connect data triggers a "failure previewing file" error.

  • If you're importing dates in text-formatted cells in Excel, they must be in exactly this format to import accurately: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss Z, where Z is the time zone difference from GMT (for example: -0800, +1000, +0700).


Add the "Imported" status to a pick list in the targeted set's item type, so you can filter for newly imported items. Just filter for the pick list value "Imported."