Jama Connect User Guide

Word to Jama Connect one-way import
  1. Select the file you want to import. If the system doesn't recognize the file extension (DOC or DOCX) the import doesn't continue.

  2. In the window that opens, enter the document scope and field mapping options.

  3. If your Word document includes tables, select a table import style.

  4. A text-only preview is displayed. Verify that the first item to be imported is correct and select Submit if you're satisfied with the preview. If not, select Back to make necessary changes.

  5. Review the Final Import Summary. You can select Import another file to start again. You can also re-use the field mapping settings that you used in this import by selecting Save this as new document mapping. Saved import field mappings can be used by any user in the project where the mappings are saved. However, the mappings are project-specific so you can't use them from project to project.