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Jama Connect User Guide

Get started

To start using Jama Connect, you need your user account credentials.

As a new user of Jama Connect, this is the place to start: log in and get familiar with the different areas of the workspace.

To log in to Jama Connect:

  1. In a supported web browser, enter the URL provided by your administrator.

  2. Type your username and password, then click Log in.

    Header — Includes the main sections (Stream, Projects, Reviews, Risk, Admin) of the Jama Connect interface.

    Home — Shows links to your most relevant content like bookmarks, recent views, open views, stream comments, and actions.

Quick tips
  • You're allowed 10 login attempts within five minutes before you're locked out for 30 minutes. To unlock your account before then, follow the forgotten password procedure.

  • To manage your account, select your name in the top right navigation to open the My Profile window.

  • To log out of the application, click Log Out in the top right corner. If you don't log out, the default timeout is two hours.

  • Bookmark projects, containers, sets, and folders so they appear under Bookmarks and Recently viewed sections. Having it appear in both places allows you to keep track of recently viewed items even if you remove the bookmark.