Jama Connect User Guide

Get started

To start using Jama Connect, you need your user account credentials.

As a new user of Jama Connect, this is the place to start: log in and get familiar with the different areas of the workspace.

To log in to Jama Connect:

  1. In a supported web browser, enter the URL provided by your administrator.

  2. Type your username and password, then select Log in.

    Header — Includes the main sections of the Jama Connect interface.

    Homepage — Shows links to your most relevant content like bookmarks, recent views, open views, stream comments, and actions.


Tips and more

  • You're allowed 10 login attempts within five minutes before you're locked out for 30 minutes. To unlock your account before then, follow the forgotten password procedure.

  • To manage your account, select your name in the top right navigation to open the My Profile window.

  • To log out of the application, select Log Out in the top right header. If you don't log out, the default timeout is two hours.