Jama Connect User Guide

Trace View

Trace View shows related upstream and downstream items, missing relationships, and item details in context of their relationship.

From Projects select the Trace View button in the toolbar to view selected items in Trace View.


When you select Trace View, the items you selected in List View are shown in the source column. Related items downstream from the source are shown to the right. Items upstream from the source are shown to the left. Use the blue arrow buttons on either side of the screen to travel up or downstream.

The top of each level column shows a count of the item types found on the entire level. 


The item count is a unique count. So if the same item is downstream of multiple items in the source column, it will appear multiple times in the "1 level down" column, but it will only be counted once.


Select an item in the source column to highlight its specific upstream and downstream relationships. You can select multiple items using the checkboxes and selections will remain highlighted as you navigate. Select Clear all to clear your selections. 

Select Change columns at the top of each trace level to turn fields on or off for items in that level.


Use Trace View to find missing coverage and use the Add menu in the toolbar to add items directly from this view.

You can also filter Trace View or use Trace View to save a particular view or export the content.


You can also use the Trace View to see validation and verification testing results. If a test case is visible in Trace View, you will also see the related test runs. No manual creation of relationships is required; Trace View infers the relationship between test cases and runs and once a test cycle is created.


If your organization has a risk management license, you can also configure this view to see risks in Trace View.