Jama Connect User Guide

Adding and deleting bookmarks

Bookmarks are links to content you view frequently and are displayed at the top of your homepage.

Bookmarks remain at the top of the homepage, sorted by most recently viewed. Projects, components, folders, sets, filters, risk analyses, and Trace Views can be bookmarked for future reference.

You can add bookmarks in two different ways:

  • Bookmark recently viewed content on the homepage — When you view a particular folder, set, component or filter it will appear in the Recently viewed list on your homepage. Select the empty bookmark icon for the content you want to bookmark. The bookmark icon changes to a solid icon and the content appears under the Bookmarks section.

  • Bookmark Trace Views — When viewing a Trace View that you want to bookmark, you first save the Trace View, then select the bookmark icon at the top of the page. Trace View is now bookmarked on your homepage.

    To remove a bookmark, select the solid bookmark icon in the bookmarks list on the homepage. The content you remove appears at the top of the section.


You can also bookmark risk analyses. These are visible for organizations with risk management licensing, and appear when you select Risk in the header.