Jama Connect User Guide

Navigate the workspace

There are four primary parts of the Jama Connect workspace.

  1. Left panel

    This panel helps you find the items you are looking for. It may contain the Explorer Tree, tags as well as access to advanced filters, releases, baselines and tests.

  2. Center panel

    The center panel displays the item or items you have chosen in the view that you want. You can select a view and act on items using the toolbar at the top of the panel. You can also see the dashboard and container details here. 

  3. Right panel

    For some functions (like Trace View, change requests, relate items and test cases) the right panel slides out to allow you to interact with what you are viewing in the center panel.

  4. Bottom panel

    In Single Item View, a bottom panel slides up to offer a related information about things like relationships, comments, connected users, versions and activity history.