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Jama Connect User Guide

REST API and extensibility

Jama Connect offers a powerful REST API that allows your team to integrate and extend the capabilities of Jama Connect.

Typical use cases include:

  • Integrating test results from automated test scripts

  • Extracting specific data for analysis in Business Intelligence tools

  • Automating manual batch tasks

You can see REST API swagger documentation at <your Jama URL>/api-docs/


Interested in learning how to work with the Jama Connect REST API? The following resources can help you get started.

REST API terms



Project ID

Project IDs are unique to Jama Connect. Your administrator sets the default project and set keys.

Example: <project key> - <set key> # <SBX-REQ-1 or SBX-TEST-3>

Global ID

Global IDs reference where a requirement or test was reused globally across Jama Connect projects. The Global ID isn’t unique because several copies of an item might be connected that share the same Global ID.

Example: GID-1234


API IDs are the database identifier for an item and is used by developers when interacting with Jama Connect from the REST API.

In List View, you can locate the API ID as a column or in the browser URL for the item you’re viewing.

Example: 21374

Where to find the API ID

Find Project API ID in the URL:


Find Filter API ID, navigate to the filter in Jama Connect, and look at the URL:


Find Item API IDs:


Find API IDs in List View: